Sorta’ figured it out: The meaning of life.

Something randomly popped in my mind. I probably don’t have all of the ends covered but this is just a theory so far.

We all live for our own purposes. These purposes aren’t pre-defined by a divine being and instead are defined by our own choices, actions, goals and influences. These definitions are forever changing based on the influences from the world around us, our state of minds and so-forth.

Just imagine a time of your life when you felt the urge to become the most popular kid on the block. You’d be hooked on social gatherings and parties with your friends. This was pretty much your purpose in life (at that time): To achieve that social status and be recognized amongst your peers. Even as a kid we had goals like becoming the greatest football player football in your school – This goal similarly translated into your purpose in life during that period of time.

Why? I believe that if you are sincerely putting your 200% effort into a goal, the impact you would have on the world is pretty much based on the outcome of that goal for that period of time.

So as we grow older, our goals shift & transform and hence so do our purposes in life. Some goals last a life-time (even when we forget about them) and so we keep this, while many are abandoned and left in our past. Eventually our goals stabilize when we join the working force because this is the time of our lives when we have to care for ourselves and our future goals begin to cater for survival and general success influenced by the world around us (as it has been throughout our lives, anyway!).

We start to aim for the top of the career ladders; to make investments for improved financial security; to finding our soulmate and starting  our own families… And hence this becomes the meaning of our lives: To strive for greatness in what we do to prepare a better future for our children. 

Now, the question is… Why conform to this generalized definition of why we exist? As mentioned, these goals have already been influenced by the world around us – Who says being on top of the career ladder exhibits success?

All I have to say is, choose your goals wisely and don’t just go with the flow. Also, don’t wait too long to stabilize these goals there won’t be a point knowing your meaning of life when there isn’t much life left to live, anyway.

Top 10 Ugliest Cars Ever

So I was bored and did a Google search for “the ugliest car” and got some interesting results. I’ve personally chosen the ones that I think are really disgusting so have a look :)


Nissan Cube

You know the list is going to be a concoction of nasty when the Nissan Cube is at the bottom of it. That rear-window-combined-with-side-window wreaks of a try-hard attempt to be ‘hip’.

Did you know that the market the design was targeted to was evenly split between 18-to-25-year-old males and females?


Bond Bug

Produced in 1970-1974, the Bond Bug was considered to be a sportier Reliant Robin. The reason why this is higher up on the list is because this little two-seater has a 750cc engine providing 31 bhp, is capable of up hitting speeds of up to 126km/h, is lighter and seats two people. Oh, and it’s a ONE-door coupe(!), check out the photos. So yeah, many cool-points for this car.

Did you know that the model of one of Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder from Star Wars was built upon the chassis of a Bond Bug?


Tata Nano

Yes, I know this car has been infamously created as the cheap alternative in India. Yes, I know that this is done by budget-cuts on materials making it extremely unsafe. Yes, I know it looks even stupid in the photo below because of the way it’s trying to be sporty with it’s angled wheel. But trust me… It’s a lot slicker looking than the others in this list – At least for the Nano, you can see some effort was put into the design process.

Did you know that the Nano’s trunk is only accessible from the inside as the rear hatch does not open? Makes you wonder where the spare tyre sits…


Bajaj RE60

This beauty from India has been dubbed the ‘convenient and inexpensive commercial transport on the road’. I understand that it’s supposed to be an affordable car but I swear this was designed after a cardboard box.

Did you know that the RE60 runs on a 200cc engine generating a maximum power of 20bhp? It’s like the family-hatchback version of the sportier Bond Bug.


Scion Hako Coupe (concept)

So I’m pretty sure this car was inspired by the Nissan Cube. Someone in Scion must’ve thought ‘wow, that Cube is sure as hell ugly, I bet I can do better!’ – He didn’t. This attempt at a vintage style clearly fails due to clashes with the contemporary design features.

Did you know that the Scion Vice President, Jack Hollis said “Scion’s Hako Coupe Concept embodies a distinct global perspective on today’s youth”? With today’s youth going batshit crazy over Bieber and Edward Cullen, I can see some truth in this.


Fiat Multipla

Come on, admit it. When you saw one of these on the roads you were disgusted at the realization that a car company had ACTUALLY decided to design a car based off a frog. This has got to be one of the more recent horrors on the road.

Did you know that the Multipla won the ‘Ugliest Car’ award in the 1999 Top Gear awards but then subsequently won ‘Car of the Year’ in 2000 and ‘Family Car of the Year’ over 2001-2004? How is that possible…? It’s NOT a fucking car!


REVAi a.k.a. G-wiz

Ah, the G-wiz. The electric car made famous by Top Gear. Produced by RECC (funnily enough, a company that also makes Golf Carts) since 2001, the G-wiz is ugly. No, really, that’s all I have to say about it.

Did you know that in Europe, this car is exempt from most crash test rules because of its low weight and power which registers it under the “heavy quadricycle” category? Ouch. That’s both dangerous and a big hit to any owners’ ego.


Weber Sportscar 2007

Most of the time, it’s hard to say a supercar is ugly since plenty of money is spent on their designs so to one person it may be ugly but this may not be the case to others. The designs are always justifiable by someone… But not in this case. This looks like an aluminium box was used as the chassis and lazily carved out; the headlights and taillights are horrendous; the sharp edges remove any hint of ‘sleekness’ and has anyone yet realized that idiots try to make something look sporty by splashing on a coat of orange paint? Look at the list so far and how many cars are orange! Also, doesn’t the front grill make you think the Pringles moustache? :D

Did you know that this has a stupid name? Oh, and the newer 2008 version is called the Faster One.



Stay Puft Car a.k.a. Fat Cars

I don’t know anything about this car. I just stumbled upon it in my searches and it probably deserves to be in a Top 10 ugliest car mods list but I just had to post it. This is like a troll car. I can’t say much about it… It’s has so much fail in it that it’s win.

Did you know any more information on this?

Update: Okay, looks like this isn’t really someone’s car but instead is a ‘work of art’ by Erwin Wurm as part of his ‘Fat Cars’ series. Doesn’t matter, still deserves the 2nd spot in this list along with all of his other creations, found here.



Corbin Sparrow 1/2

And in the number one spot, we have the Corbin Sparrow. Two models were produced, both of which are below. The first was dubbed the “jelly bean” model while the Corbin Sparrow 2 was nicknamed “pizza butt”. In all honesty, the jelly bean model sorta looks like a penis… “Har har! James, is that what your penis looks like? HO HO HO!”… Get over it, it does. And the pizza butt model just looks like a car got amputated of its rear wheels and this was what grew back. I do see the effort in trying to make these cars look sleek but they’ve still turned out to look ghastly.

Did you know that several Sparrows were featured in Austin Powers Goldmember, the Sparrow was initially produced by Myers Motors which was founded by Mike Corbin? Wow, that’s just… A strange coincidence?

Merry X’mas and a Happy New Year

Wishin’ everyone a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Unfortunately, did not get to post all of this earlier due to being way too busy over the holidays. Having that horrid sore throat didn’t help either. But here we are in 2012 – The last year of human civilisation according to the Mayans so let’s make it count!

Going to avoid writing too much on this, just going to attach a few photos from New Years at Waverton Park.