Quick Update:

Again, I have pretty much gone missing due to my lack of access to the Internet. I apologize if my post sounds extremely ‘professional’, I have been writing cover letters and answer job application questions so I’ve picked up this annoying habit – it’s temporary, don’t worry.

Anyway, I have recently moved to a much nicer suburb than Kingsford and am definitely enjoying the peaceful environment hence the lack of Internet. I still don’t really have Internet because I can’t find a network cable long enough to cable up my computer with the router.

Alright, Now it’s time for the post.

As I’m in my final year, this is around the time when me and my peers apply for graduate positions. Every time need to fill out a preference of area to work in when I apply for a graduate position it is always focused on IT pretty much because of my degree. Over the past 3 years I have thoroughly involved myself in Event Management and/or Marketing. At first it was for fun – to get myself some connections and free entry into clubs. However, now in my fourth year, I am waiting for my Industrial Training placement to finish so I can once again get involved. With the experience and exposure I have gained from my past involvements, I believe it’s time for me to bring something to Sydney. It has always been organizing or marketing an event to fulfill the purposes of others (which is most of the time, revenue) but now I think I want the be the one that makes the decisions so that I can finally bring something fresh and new to Sydney. I have waited for so many things to happen in Sydney, but now I just feel like it’s up to me to do it.

From my tone and the words I use, you can tell I am very ambitious with this project. And from there, I am sure you can tell where this is going… That’s right, the Crossroads…


Uh… No. Not that shitty movie. Something that explains the situation more clearly would be this:


Yeah, that’s me. Analysis of this image will tell you about the emphasis on decision making. I stand there at the crossroads staring into the horizons as I realize “Shit, I have to choose quickly. The Sun is setting and I need to find my way home”. That’s how I epitomize this situation – Me trying to find my way ‘home’ – a future of (at least mediocre) success.

So a war between Education vs. Interests, eh?┬áHeck, don’t get me started on my education – I wanted to do Design of some sort when I was choosing my degree. But ‘they’ always know what’s best for you, right? Don’t get me wrong, IT is definitely the field that most suits me and I do like all that computer stuff, but it’s just not something I am passionate about.

What I hope to do is walk along both paths in parallel and hope that they meet. If they diverge, my choice will probably be with IT because I went through 4 years of studying to get that “paper with my name on it”.

I guess it’s too early to decide but these are just some thoughts I’ve been having.

Missing in Action

So yes I have been away due to reasons I will explain in a sec’. I have been pretty much missing from the internet scene for about 4 weeks due to a problem that I was afraid would affect both my blog posts and general social networking posts.

I guess this is a weakness or flaw of mine. Being unable to hide my feelings (especially negative) in anything I write. This normally leads to a post failing to narrate what I intend it to and ending up as a post that rants like Kanye West with ADD. I’ve known this about myself hence the avoidance of the Internet as I really do like to keep my problems to myself instead of broadcasting them across the world like a socialite. I guess when I started blogging, deep down, I wanted to be a socialite of some sort – but with this characteristic I hold, I doubt that’ll ever happen.

Anyway, with the problem now resolved, I can finally talk about it. At the end of January, I took leave to go to Malaysia for Chinese New Year with my family and friends. Unfortunately, I went about getting approval for this leave in the most unprofessional and unintelligent way possible. The miscommunication then led to a confusion of my leave dates. When I didn’t show up for work, CCA tried to contact me – by this time I was eating my nasi lemak and shouting over the noise polluting modified Kancils in KL.

Due to my limited access to the Internet (and by limited I mean being unable to check my mail via my iPhone – technology pampers us so…), I checked my mail to find out my scholarship was suspended. After numerous attempts to clarify the issue, it was concluded that I could do nothing overseas. It had to wait till I came back to Sydney and attended a showcause meeting.

So that’s how I spent a lot of my holiday – thinking about this issue and dreading the worst.

I will skip the details and get to the results. The showcause meeting resulted in CCA taking me back. I have begun work again today and will be under probation for a month also due to what my manager has called ‘unsatisfactory performance’ – another rant, another day.

I cannot deny that I had heaps of fun in Malaysia thanks to my awesome family and friends. I also got to meet a lot of new people this time around that are all very worthy of my entourage (“nice people” in James-speak) and hope that they will welcome me into theirs. I would firstly like to apologize especially to those I just met if I came off whiney or depressed. I guarantee that behind that emoboy mask sits a cheerful and friendly little boy.

Thank you for reading. I know my absence was uncalled for but I do hope you will still return to learn more jah-mez!

See you soon.

Shouts to the infamous Khai Ron, shuffler Keith, badass Michelle, tomatoface Stacy, timid Jacqueline and what-a-small-world Jin Li. I definitely forgot some people and I apologize but I typed this up in the bus!