Attended the screening of Zombieland on Tuesday (courtesy of Ellie) with herself, Tracy, Alvin, Euvern and Joe. I heard some very mixed reviews about the movie: people complaining it was either not funny enough or not scary enough.

Here are my two cents.

The movie was never meant to be taken seriously, if you did walk into the theatre expecting a true horror flick, you’re just a twit. The corny name gives it away pretty fast. Looking at the posters, the phrases are “This place is so dead” and “Nut up or shut up” – Definitely not horror. I am glad the movie also didn’t attempt to be too blatant with it’s comedy – Stupid funny is just not funny since Borat. Zombieland does not focus on a single genre and instead combines elements of classic horror movies with some pretty decent action scenes and to top it all off, comedy on the sidelines to keep in theme with the corniness. The romance plot felt very clichéd but again, it was just for laughs.

Great movie if you’re like me and you love the gore. What was cool was the Zombies’ makeup that flawlessly seem to combine elements from classics like Night of the Living Dead and even modern day Zombie movies like Resident Evil.

To review this, I have decided not to go for long paragraphs of text and instead some points.

Possible Spoilers below!

I have 5 nit-picks (like I have for everything) about the movie:

  1. Zombie Intelligence
    Zombies seem stupid enough to run into car doors yet they are smart enough to both climb up an Amusement Park rides and slowly let themselves down fences when climbing over them (wouldn’t a Zombie just climb over and drop down?).
  2. Tallahassee and Little Rock
    Corniest cliché of the movie has to be when Little Rock shoots the ride controls because of advice from Tallahassee. This just didn’t need to be in the movie in my opinion. It was just slapped on to create a sense of relationship between Tallahassee and Little Rock.
  3. Special effects were pretty bad
    My golden rule for this is do not use special effects if the budget does not allow for decent quality. Not all action sequences require CGI effects.
  4. Lack of chainsaw action was very disappointing
    Considering the poster itself had a chainsaw, I was looking forward to seeing some Left4Dead action but sadly, I was doubly disappointed. Yes, I love the gore.
  5. The decisions made by Wichita and Little Rock are unbelievable and do not make much sense
    Driving the Hummer into the water to kill maybe 2% of the Zombies around them and losing their only means of escape; Going on that Solero-Shot ride just to get surrounded by Zombies; the whole idea of going to the Amusement Park and starting up the power was stupid altogether.

Also, 5 great things about the movie to look out for:

  1. The Ghostbusters theme
    Don’t really need to justify much.
  2. On-going jokes
    These constant on-going jokes not only gripped the audience but also aided in telling the story.
  3. In my opinion, great performance by Woody Harrelson (Tallahassee)
    Last I saw him was in 2012 where he was wrongly casted. The redneck Tallahassee suits Harrelson much more than the crazy conspiracy theorist, Charlie Frost.
  4. The Rules of Zombieland
    The rules of our scared little protagonist are both believable and funny as hell.
  5. Left4Dead Similarities
    Yeah before watching this, I was told it was the Left4Dead movie. The movie poster showed 4 people with weapons familiar to the game. I wonder how much was inspired by Left4Dead. You definitely can’t deny how much you’ll want to play Left 4 Dead (1 or 2) after watching this. Dark Carnival, anyone?

On a lighter note, Was great to meet (the now worldly-renowned) Amanda after god knows how many years. Apparently, to get her number I had to chat her up. So guys, the pick-up line of 2009 is “Hey, I think I deleted your number”. Go for it. [I am so lame]

Supposed to meet up with Tracy and Ellie in a sec. Signing out.

Converse and some Reminiscing

After “laptop session” with Ellie on Monday, I headed down to Pyramid with Nee Kee to hunt for shoes. Needless to say, it didn’t stop at window shopping and I went home with a clothes hanger smile on my face holding my bag of newly purchased Converse shoes.

DSC_0130The two of these shoes combined are cheaper than a single pair of my Tigers – I love you, Malaysia.

Sure, the black is just the simple classic Converse shoes with some white stitching, but still – These would go for $80-100AUD.

Dilemma: Should I change the laces of the white shoe to white laces? Then black laces on the black shoe?

Later that night, I met up with some old friends from Sydney (all of which have totally abandoned us in Sydney, thank you very much) at SS2. SK, Kif, Kenneth, and Yen Yen were the non-FFKers of the night along with my good ol’ housemate in Sydney, Jayson.

It was definitely great to see these old faces, but the moment we started chit-chatting and telling stories both old and new, I realized again why these were my closest friends in Sydney. Memories of parties, dinners, outings and even just coffee sessions came rushing in. I had a ton of fun, laughter is probably an understatement of what our table was producing – Noise pollution would probably be a more suitable description.

At the end of the night, whilst recovering from the constant laughing throughout the night, it hit me. Being the youngest of a group, there will definitely be a lot more Sydney deserters in the future – Stop leaving me, people. It’s getting harder and harder to find replacements.

And who can forgot the photos. Thanks Yen Yen for bringing your camera :)

04I don’t even know what this is. Kenneth ordered it for me after he kept talking about Ramlee.

05They gave me a chipped glass. Isn’t that bad luck in Chinese culture? :(

01SK and Kif. Haven’t seen this guys in ages!

02Yen Yen, Kenneth and his Civic car keys. Happy boy!

06My eyes are so small. Holy crap, Yen Yen seems slightly fairer than me.

07Kif and SK listening intently to my housemate’s story – Probably something about working in Australia

08Noise pollution

09I just thought the old guy in the background was cool.

What is a blog?

So since I came back to Malaysia, I have been hanging out with the random Cheerio and the emo Yuriko. They provided me with some (not so) constructive criticism on my blog’s content.

According to them, my definition of a blog has been wrong this entire time. A blog is a channel of ‘showing-off’ where one can tell the world what time they woke up; what coffee they had in the morning; and which route they took to the dry cleaners. Not to forget the many photos either through camwhoring or because of something they’re about to eat.

As sarcastic as I may sound, I understand there has to be some truth behind this so I’ll give it a shot.

My brother’s wedding yesterday night was great – Hardly any hiccups and the turnout was great. Today I woke up at 3pm because of a tiring night of ‘Heng Tai’-ing for my brother’s wedding. Went home. Went out. Had lunch with Ellie and now at Coffee Bean surfing the net and writing this post.

Oh wait I need the photos.

IMG_0998Like, this is my drink. Ice-blended Mocha. Yes, I’m a pussy.


IMG_0994My “cool yao-yeng” look.

IMG_1011The Keeper was angry about the photos I was taking with Ellie.

IMG_1008But… We obviously made up after that.

So did I do it right!?