District 9


As usual, my reviews will contain some spoilers, but assuredly nothing that will really affect your movie experience. I still do not recommend reading the review if you have not watched the movie – I watched it without even seeing the trailer!

Peter Jackson returns to produce District 9 and what more can we expect from the man who gave us Lord of the Rings. Neill Blomkamp (originally the writer of the canceled Halo movie) bases this movie off his short film entitled Alive in Joburg. This low-budget ($30 million) film surprisingly surpasses all expectations whether low or high. It makes you wonder as to whether or not if the budget was higher, there would just be too much Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) to ruin it all (thanks, Transformers).

The symbolism of District 9 is pretty straightforward and in your face when the entire movie takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa and involves cruelty to Aliens. This reflects similar issues going on in South Africa, today. This not-so subliminal message is constant throughout the film aiding in both character and plot development.

There are a number of characters all of which you will never get to know except the main protagonist, Wikus and his alien sidekick, Christopher. Personally, Wikus never really gained my respect. Throughout the movie his image is thrown between likeable and hated until finally there is realization. However, what bothered me the most was that at the end of the movie I just never cared much for his relationship with his wife. Yes, he shouts and cries a lot about how much he wants to be with her again but that’s just it. The relationship between Christopher and his son is a lot more cared about as you see the son hopelessly pointing to the roof of the ship and calling for his father who is stuck outside – this one scene gave me a real sense of relationship. In contrast, everytime the Wikus’ wife called him I would assume she was on her father’s side trying to extract information out of him. This could possibly be attributed to poor acting of his wife but I never actually pinpointed this and it could have been the writers’ faults instead.

District 9 does a great job in making the aliens seem lovable and pitiful despite the ugliness of their exterior. This is probably due to the way their eyes are so freakin’ big (seriously). Anyway, unlike most sci-fi movies out there, this really was not what I had expected – It also allows us to look at the symbolism behind it and realize that people were/are being treated similarly in South Africa.

The plot is straightforward with minimal twists and carries our characters through several obstacles. There is always suspense as we are accommodated to movies these days (where it is possible for anyone to die) and thus we continue to wonder who will survive throughout the movie. There are many times where the impossible is presented so well that the audience too believe this – This is when the writers do well and show how the characters get around these obstacles.

Although many other reviewers question the aliens’ fuel’s DNA rewriting, I do not – It is unexplainable but still believable. For us to compare their fuel with human’s petrol is like comparing Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker (fail joke). Just taking into consideration that if they can fly to Earth and we cannot fly there, obviously our fuel is nowhere near the technological level as the aliens’ fuel.

The CGI is constantly of great quality. It has not been overdone to more than meets the eye and is enough for the audience to fully engage with the sequences. Christopher’s facial expressions are easily read (thanks to those big eyes!) and we are treated to the special effects of several jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, drool-making, eye-opening, rib-tickling, heart-stopping weapons that really should have had their own movie made about them. The documentary-style was effective in allowing the audience to realize the proportions of these aliens and also the ideas and perspectives of different parties about them.

I can confidently say that District 9 is probably the best sci-fi action film out this year. Although there were some character development issues, the movie does well as a whole.


Below is the short film, Alive in Joburg that District 9 was based off. Enjoy!

Doesn’t mind reviewing a game

I have not blogged in a long time. Anyone got any suggestions on PC games to review? I usually stick to PC games because I can screenshot and stuff without having to buy some kind of hardware to do it with a console.

Awaiting Modern Warfare 2 as usual for PC and also NFS: Shift for PS3. Oh it looks just so promising.


My Bunny has Arrived

So some people might have seen my WLM PM or my Twitter/FB status and saw something along the lines of this blog post title. Who is this special person I have codenamed Bunny? Well I will not only explain but show you.




The car has been code-named bunny for reasons (in the interest of my own privacy) will not explain. But let’s just say it’s my white bunny.

Corolla ZRE152R Conquest 2008.

Problems with Jeremy Clarkson?

Source: Jeremy Clarkson adds Polish to outraged ranks

So when the controversial host announced he had prepared his own spoof ad for the launch of the new Volkswagon Scirocco, the BBC prepared for the worst.

And the worst it got - scores of complaints from outraged viewers after Clarkson lauded the VW’s ability to go from “Berlin to Warsaw in one tank”.

More than 6.7 million viewers watched Clarkson’s “ad”, in which panicked Warsaw citizens fled the city, rushing to board buses and trains as sirens warned of the approaching Germans.

The reference to Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland that triggered World War II has sparked a storm of debate in the UK and Europe, with onlookers struggling to decide whether Clarkson’s ad was tasteless or just a bit of fun.

This is obviously not the first time Clarkson has been accused of going over the edge with his satirical comedy. Why are people so sensitive to all of this? I think that there are many people out there who have been deceived by their own ignorance. They have somehow convinced themselves that anyone on TV has to care about what everyone thinks. Top Gear has it’s viewers for it’s entertainment value. This entertainment value is also due to the comedy of the presenters. As much of an obnoxious brat Clarkson acts out to be, he is definitely hilarious to watch. A single comment disrespecting Poles and Clarkson gets slapped with all of this? The fact of the matter is, none of these comments were made in a serious manner and hence we can never really say what Clarkson’s true views are – and even if he was a Polland-hating Nazi from outer space planning world domination, who really cares? What we see on TV is for entertainment; it is hypocritical for Poles to get all sensitive over his comments. If he made a joke about anything else you will see the Pole fans having a giggle and probably backing Clarkson up against whoever he made those satire comments about. Being insensitive is when you make a joke that makes majority of your audience shake their heads – Should have a petition to remove TopGear airing in Polland if they are such pussies.

TV programmes are for entertainment, not for confidence-boosting.