Welcome to Freedom

I’m free! Finally. The one and only exam for this semester was definitely what I’d say as tedious. Specific questions that target at specific parts of specific topics. Specificity counters bullshit. :(

What a gloomy day. Grey skies. Strong winds. Cold air. Pouring rain. Great start to my holiday.

Just watched Angels & Demons. Awesome. Majority of the things exactly as I imagined when I was reading the book. Well. Here I sit with my soulmate, the Snakebite. Cheers!

Official End of Semester Party

Date: Friday, June, 26 2009
Venue: Space Nightclub (127 Liverpool Street)


E-mail jameswoon.wc@gmail.com for guestlist (free entry before 10.30 and discount until 11.30)


So yes, 6 more days to my exam and I haven’t even opened the book yet. I also have a resume to send in to my sponsor for my Industrial Training.

It’s been 6 days since I finished university and what have I accomplished? Hmm… I completed the SUAMS site… But uh, I did that more to delay starting my studying. I am level 18 on Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.. I have completed several achievements in Team Fortress 2 & COD4: Modern Warfare. I’ve reformatted my computer. I’ve had my phone battery die for the missus to get mad at me when I didn’t reply (I’m soooo sorry!!!). Had Dim Sum. Got my Threadless t-shirts. Watched a lot of movies. Wow, none of these things actually contribute to my future :P .

This has been my weakness.. Procrastination. Almost every exam has been a cram for me.

I think this blog post has really let me look at myself… Reflecting on what I have done these few days has allowed the realization of how much time I have wasted.

Note to Self: I really have to start DOING something with my life! Yes, this is the way to go… Start busying myself up with life-changing activities.



Or maybe I can hit the city for some drinks tonight! I can always start studying tomorrow!¬†It’s just more fun this way.


Look at me blog to delay the studying… :D

Threadless Collection

Well, just got one of my Threadless orders today. Thought I’d compile a list of the shirts I have up here.

Whew! That took a while to add. These shirts were purchased this year. Sofar, quality-wise they’re great – only got a few threads coming out of 1 or 2 of them. I think it’s safe to say…

Should totally get that shirt too. :)

I strongly encourage the idea of community-driven graphic design (i.e. Threadless, Deviant Art, etc.) – it only leads to a vaster databank of ideas filled with creativity – Don’t even get me started on the matters of diversity behind this. Being able to purchasing designs allow me to directly show my support for that designer – Just gives me that warm fuzzy feeling! Heh, well, I guess the t-shirt designs are pretty awesome too…

COD4:MW2 E3 Gameplay Preview

The E3 gameplay preview of COD4 is out. We get to see one of the most “wow”-ed moments of the first trailers. That’s right, the ‘Vertical-Horizon’-like mountain climbing. Can’t wait for more juicy details. Please make good use of your life with this 7 minute video. There’s some scanner thing-o that looks very cool too. What you waiting for? Press the play button.

Threadless Summer Heatwave Sale

Its Threadless’ Summer Heatwave Sale. Down to $5 per tee so get them before they run out! These are the potential tees I’m looking to buy.

If you found out about this sale here, then please help me out and use this link to purchase your tees.
Thanks in advance!

Note: Sale lasts till Monday, June 8th 2009.

The Last Week

It is currently exactly 9.00 AM on the morning of the last week of uni for Semester 1, 2009. Looking back, I have to say this was a tough semester, especially towards the end.The results of this semester are definitely going to be the worst compared to any other sem of my undergraduate programme at UNSW. Careless mistakes have made me screw up a test and a large deliverable.. Seeing as this is the first time I’ve only had one exam and had a semester of subjects mostly assessment-based, I’m definitely not used to it – Normally I look at exams as the chance to redeem myself for my slacking over the semester but I only have 1 exam this semester!

In my opinion, exams are better. Maybe it’s because I’ve had so much experience with cramming studies rather than assignments. Oh well, I hope this last week will be a good one. This is also the first time I’ve had assessments packed up to the last week (usually only having one assessment left or something).

Note to self: Let’s try not slacking over the semester, eh?