Selling Nintendo Wii Package

Full Nintendo Wii Package
Console, 10 Games, 3 Wii Motes, 3 Nunchucks, and Rechargeable batteries/docking system




  • Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
  • Mario Party 8
  • Red Steel
  • Cooking Mama
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2
  • Medal of Honor Vanguard
  • WiiSports
  • WiiPlay
  • Call of Duty 3


  • WiiMote x3
  • Nunchuck x3
  • WiiMote Rechargeable battery x2
  • WiiMote Rechargeable Battery Dock x1
  • Protective Skins for WiiMote
  • Composite Video Cable
Rechargeable Docking Station

Rechargeable Docking Station

Comes with Australian Nintendo Wii Console

Price: $520.00 AUD

WiiFit Package


  • WiiFit
  • WiiMat
  • WiiMat Skin
  • Rechargeable Battery for WiiMat

Price: $70.00 AUD (Bundle with the Full Wii Package for $60.00 AUD)

Everything in excellent condition in original boxes. About a year old.

Please contact me via for details.

Jay Chou Concert After Party


Music: 2 Rooms of Rnb, House & Jay Chou Music!
Date:  Friday, 3rd July
Venue: Space (127 Liverpool st, Sydney)


  • Live Performance by the winner of Jay Chou Singing Competition
  • Welcoming Jay Chou’s crew and fans to party
  • Jay Chou Merchandise giveaways including signed autographs, CDs, posters & more
  • Exclusive Jay Chou Music set by Taiwanese DJ Stunna
  • Prizes from Prize Paradise

Guestlist: Half price before 10.30 and discount entry $25 AFTER TILL 11.30PM:
Send names to

Sponsored by Elation Events, Urban Agent, SIR3N, DANCESKOOL, Prizes Paradise, Sydney Student Party, City Hunter,

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: RotF

So I watched Transformers: RotF the other day and it was pretty alright for an action flick. Personally, it didn’t do much as a Transformers movie and instead it strayed far from the original Transformers universe. There isn’t much that can be compared to the storyline of the original Transformers. The entire plot (and movie title) revolves around the character ‘the fallen’ trying to destroy suns. This does not even make sense, if their job were to hunt suns wouldn’t that instead be hunting stars? I don’t see how this tiny edit to the script could not have been possible – the audience is not STUPID, we know what stars and suns are (shit, I’m rambling). Secondly, “the fallen” definitely does not look anything like what he does in the Transformers world, does he? *shrugs*.

To be honest, the plot was shit and something extremely random. The first movie too does not have a strong plotline but it focused on how the Transformers came to Earth which wasn’t as hard a task as the second movie that (I guess) had nothing to base its story on.

Minor Points of Rantage

  1. Bad comical voices – There are TONS of these little robotic creatures that have high-pitched voices similar to the little minions in Space Jam. They are god awful annoying.
  2. LaBeouf’s character calls Bumblebee, bee. This was hilarious for me. I already hate how they’re making Bumblebee stand out among the Autobots because there are so many other cooler Transformers and there’s just nothing special about Bumblebee in the cartoon either. He was the shittiest Transformer of them all! Maybe because he interacted with humans so much I just thought he was starting to be human too.
  3. There are COUNTLESS Cisco product placements. Every computer screen will have a little Cisco logo. It’s amazing that Cisco would sponsor a movie, but what is there brand supposed to do to your average movie buff? Do they even know what Cisco does? Cisco, I think you guys got jibbed – This is the worst marketing stunt I have ever heard of.
  4. The movie seems to also acknowledge some sort of spiritual world of the Transformers which I just couldn’t accept. It doesn’t have to be so damn meaningful of a movie, I’m disappointed that they tried to stuff so much non-Transformers crap into a Transformers movie.
  5. Old Transformers seem to have English accents? Uhhh…?
  6. Decepticons that can transform into humans (…Terminator!!). Then go undetected when sitting within an Autobot (instead just getting jizzed on by the car…)?
  7. Megan Fox seems pretty useless in this movie. It’s just body shot after body shot. Hmmm – This should be a pro.

The movie does however, pay attention to several details and have kept faithful to some original Transformer elements (hence, listening to what the fans have complained about too) – this really did impress me.

Minor points of Rockage:

  1. Body shot after body shot of Megan Fox.
  2. Great cars. Too bad the R8 had such short screentime.
  3. Impressive visual and sound effects. The transformation sound trully is what I want to watch a Transformers movie for.
  4. There finally is a proper mention of how the Decepticons are searching for more energon.
  5. Star Scream has an annoying voice! He is a bit too pussy for my liking, when instead he should be talking shit behind Megatron’s back as always.
  6. Megatron is rusty because of being underwater.
  7. The movie looks at more of a worldwide look rather than how the first one seemed to just show the States as being the entire world (just like how most movies do)
  8. The Decepticon remote control car is cute when he’s transformed as the car and driving around. Voice again, is just unbearable.
  9. President Obama is mentioned! Very cool how they did that.
  10. There is a joke about Swine flu in the movie – This is a great reference to current events. The audience laughed their butt off when this joke was pulled off. Good one!

To be honest I wish I could see a lot more from the cartoon. There were tons of elements in it that could have been chucked into a Transformers movie but they were overlooked. Dinobots? Galvatron (just because he’s cool)? Unicron (massive interplanetary battles WITHOUT humans, just like the cartoon but build the plot on the idea that if the Autbots lose, Unicron eats Earth)? Finally, the introduction of Hot Rod and subsequently RODIMUS PRIME (totally do-able and they made people across the world cry with an animated movie, why not do it with all your fancy Hollywood script writing)!

Also, it would be nice to see more focus on the actual Transformers characters rather than just Bumblebee, (very slightly) Optimus Prime and Megatron? Also, do not base the entire fuckin’ movie on a character you made up (the Fallen) because this character has NOTHING to do with the Fallen from Transformers comics or animated series. Lastly, please put Prime’s face mask back on – Why wasn’t it on in that big forest scene? His face makes him look like  a big robotic ape.


Today, Michael Jackson passes.


Oh my god. Woke up to headlines of MJ’s death. Although I cannot say he was as big a part of my life than he was of many others due to my generation being more of the *shrug* boy-band era, I must say I was a big fan of his gift. The quality in all of his performances was of the highest levels and never failed to just be awesome. One of my all-time favourite music videos has to be Smooth Criminal which was just cool (the music, moves, and even the exhibitation of MJ’s quirkiness in the video was a stunner for me).

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson! And let us hope that the media does not do to you what they did to Heath Ledger. The King of Pop has fallen.

Prototype: Reviewed


Prototype is a single-player, sandbox game similar to that of Spiderman II or The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. You control (what I assume is) the protagonist, Alex Mercer who has been infected with a virus that gives him super-human powers. The virus has also spread across the city of Manhattan hence undead zombies roam parts of the city too. After the tutorial, the game begins with the 18th day of infection showing Alex Mercer atop a building discussing his past experiences – This is basically how the storytelling works: Explain what happened on day XX (with a bit of mystery to keep the player interested) then complete that mission in a ‘flashback’. As you progress, you eventually reach the 18th day.


prototypef-2009-06-21-00-38-52-76You begin the game as a very confused Alex who has lost his memory while also realizing he can do things that nobody else can. What happens next? Exactly. Your aim is to find out your past, what happened to you and who did it to you. As the plot unravels you are treated to a more indepth explanation on how the virus outbreak has occurred and get to know the players in this plot. The ‘Web of Intrigue’ (databank of memories) feature involves collecting memories from NPCs – apart from acting as collectibles in the game, these memories further define the history of the outbreak. There are no twists or surprises in the story that I could not predict and you may sometimes get a little confused because of the number of names being thrown around (since you may not even care for the characters it will be difficult to remember their names).

prototypef-2009-06-20-01-04-27-18The character development of the game was extremely poor in this game. You get teased with a little bit of history between Alex and his sister but that’s it. It ends up with mainly her telling you what to do in your next mission or what’s going on. Prototype really does not give you any reason to care for the characters. Why I use the term ‘extremely poor’ is because of the potential there was in this game to develop its characters more effectively. The ‘Web of Intrigue’ could have aided in telling character backgrounds or impressions based on the different perspectives of various NPCs. Instead, most of these (131) ‘Web of Intrigue’ nodes discuss the outbreak.

The story is one that is not particularly memorable and seems like an overly used “get revenge on whoever did this to me” plot.



The graphics are not that close to today’s standards. The building models are very undetailed in their texturing looking like something from the old Half-life engine. There are some other goods and bads, for example: the trees especially, look horrible without anti-aliasing activated while the blood looks good and seems pretty well animated. To endure the graphics I maxed out the anti-aliasing setting (4x) and that was when it looked a tad better. The animations when using devastator attacks (kind of like ultimate moves) are done superbly and actually make you feel like you are watching it in the movies. Apart from that, there is nothing spectacular in Prototype in terms of the graphics. However, I must also stress that there is a LOT of chaos that can occur on your screen at one time and because of the level of graphics, there is hardly any effects on the FPS so it is possible that this is the reason the graphics are not of such great detail.

Blood Blood (again) Trees



The music falls short for me due to the repetitive “hostile/agro” theme that plays when your disguise has been compromised or you are discovered and everyone goes hostile against you. Maybe because I lacked the patience to go stealth for every mission, I heard this theme so often. There also was a bug with the PC version that made it so the cinematic sounds got (unberably) fuzzy as you played the game which kind of annoyed me as the fix causes problems later in the game. The sound effects are satisfactory and give you the appropriate feel of depth when playing the game i.e. you can hear the wind whistle as you fall 90 storeys as a human bullet.



Your main power is the ability to consume living creatures and by consuming them, they become ‘a part’ of you. This both enables you to gain their physical appearance, their memories (if they are relevant to the history of the virus outbreak) and regenerates your health.

We first look at the powers you are given: Offensive, defensive, sensory and disguise powers.

The offensive abilities allow Alex to morph into different weapons and will definitely be the first thing you find cool in the game. Each weapon having differing efficiencies against each unit type. You can smash, slash, dice and more. Defensive abilities can be used in different combinations with the offensive abilities giving a sense of variety in how you choose to take on different enemies. With the ability to disguise yourself as anybody in the game, you will be having fun with this power for at least half an hour because ’anyone’ ranges from policemen to old ladies walking down the street.


Another aspect of Prototype is the ability to pick up and use weapons. Although there are very limited weapon types in the game (RPG, automated rifle, machine gun, grenade launcher), access to this was a well thought out feature. These weapons can sometimes be tremendously helpful in missions especially since your powers lack range and homing capabilities (do not ask me how a grenade launcher is homing, it just is). For those of you that disagree about my statement on powers lacking range, I can definnitely say that it’s way harder to hit the helicopter with ‘that’ power than with an RPG.

You can also hi-jack vehicles in prototype. No, this does not mean a cab or some motorbike like in GTA. You are limited to hi-jacking tanks and helicopters only. Although it is faster to travel through the city (will touch on this next) without using vehicles, the advantages of taking a tank or a helicopter is the firepower that you are armed with. Take out swarms of enemy tanks and helicopters with a single tank – because I guess the other tank drivers don’t know how to spam-click while strafing.

FlyyyySuper-human parkour and freerunning is a large aspect of both the travelling and combat system of Prototype. Using combinations of different techniques you will be able to both dodge bullets and (literally) glide across town. The fact that I have mentioned before, it is faster to travel by foot than take a helicopter across the city lets you have an idea of how fast (it feels) you are travelling. This is what kept the game exciting for me and my ‘WASD’ fingers in constant action.

The final major feature of this game would have to be the Evolution Points (EPs). You obviously do not start with all of the above abilities or do with some limitations. You earn EPs and use these to buy upgrades or new abilities for Alex. There are a couple of ways to collect EPs, one of which is just by playing the game’s missions. Throughout the city there are Blackwatch HQs (humans) set up and Hives (zerg?). You do not really get to choose good or evil but you do get to destroy either (or both) these landmarks for extra EPs. You may also attempt challenges or gather up collectibles all over the city (Spiderman II or Hulk, anyone?) to get EPs.



Easy, easy, easy! Way too easy for a serious gamer.

Whenever you are discovered in the middle of a HQ, if you have memorized the parkour combinations you will be out of there in a second. Once you are somewhere unseen by them coppers (lol), you just switch disguises and you are fine. What kills me is that the authorities KNOW they are looking for Alex Mercer (a.k.a. Zeus – unharmful spoiler) and believe me, I scouted the entire city and found not a single person wearing such a catchy RED and black jacket let alone anyone with a hood up. Yet, somehow you can walk the streets and even right up to the authorities without them bothering (too much GTA influence).

Boss battles are not hard at all. Nothing requires much skill except just mashing buttons. If your life gets low there just always will be people running around for you to consume them for life which can be done over and over again. After getting the ability to grab someone while you are running, regenerating your life without getting hit is a breeze. So bosses are just normal enemies with crazy attacks and lots of life (also defined as TEDIOUS and not difficult).

The only thing that seems difficutl towards the end of the game is stealth. Oh wait, no it isn’t! You can trick the AI easily – But to avoid spoilers I will leave it at that.



I finished the game in 10 hours which taking into consideration that I was not even rushing the game. Throughout the game I had nothing persuading me to do the challenges. I never felt the need for more EPs and all of the challenges were repetitive (especially the killing ones).

Well, when you finish the game and if you aren’t a stat-whore you would not have completed all these achievements, so this would be the last thing to do. Once you start doing some of the challenges or tried looking for the collectibles you realize “the missions have already given me enough DPs to purchase the skills I want and I have been given this ‘New Game+’ mode [start game with all powers unlocked] cause I completed the game!” so there really is no point of finishing up the challenges or hunting down the collectibles (again, unless you are a stat-whore).

The story-line is also not something that can’t be summarised in a single paragraph so I had no urge at all to start again.



Prototype aims to follow successful games like GTA and Spiderman II by being a sandbox game. This is cleverly done in the theme of this game with an ongoing war between humans and zombies showing the progressive destruction of  Manhattan. However, what made these games memorable were the storylines that grasped us into the worlds. Prototype does not effectively immerse players within its world and hardly persuades the player to explore the city at all. Anything outside of the linear missions are repetitive thus are not attractive to players. There are however, several gameplay mechanisms that make the game exciting and packed with action. For an average gamer, the main challenge will be learning and perfecting the freerunning skills which can (and usually must) be used in every situation of the game.


Say, isn’t the theme of this game familiar? It seems to be the new take on becoming a superhero. Get revenge on whoever gave you super-powers? What happened to getting a costume to fight crime as a town vigilante?

Finished Prototype!

So I finished Prototype. In 10 hours or so. Here are screenshots of my stats:

It’s obvious my main goal was to finish the game while accomplishing minimal challenges. All of this comes down the the game design. I will get into that soon with a personal formal review of this game. Hope it’s useful to someone out there.

FAME @ Arthouse Hotel


An event by Elation Events & UrbanAgent

Music: RnB, Pop, House
Date: Saturday, 27th June
Venue: Arthouse Hotel (275 Pitt St, Sydney)
The historic building initially erected in the 1830s with classic 19th century architecture and design is one of Sydney’s most prestigious venues. With state of the art lighting and sound as well as 2 bars, comfy lounges

DJs: SeFu, Ace, Troy-T, R-Son, Peter Gunz, Gwizard, Cbu

BE a VIP & Get on Guest List? FREE b4 10.30 and Disc b4 11.30? E-mail

Visit to the Doctors

So I went to the doctors today for an appropriately professional opinion on what I have. According to him I do not have sufficient evidence that I can even test for Swine flu. That’s right, you actually need to prove that you have had direct contact with someone who has been abroad or is from Victoria (yes, they specifically said Victoria! HAHA). I was about to demand a H1N1 test (or a swab as they keep calling it) when he explained to me what actually happens with this test. They swab you (take a sample of your saliva, I assume) and while they run tests in the lab, they quarantine your ass. That’s right, they isolate you from the world for about 3 days. So the idea behind this is not to protect you, but to protect the world from you.

I guess they need evidence as it may be cumbersome. Yet, even if I haven’t been in contact with the aforementioned (abroad/Victorian) people – I still think that it’s easily arguable that anyone could have gotten Swine flu from say, a neighbouring passenger in the bus or a 7-Eleven shopkeeper whose taking a while to give you your change (still contact, no?).

Anyway I was diagnosed with having a seasonal influenza and my prescription was something that looks like a cheap E-Tag: The Relenza Rota-Disk Inch-Cap. Well, the name sounds really cool… It’s for inhaling powder from those little capsules you see in the photo below. Couldn’t they just have given me the powder and let me snort (don’t get ideas) or inhale it via a straw? Instead I have to pay $54.45 for this plastic thing that just automates the  puncturing of holes in those little metalic capsule things…


Oh and this gadget comes with the longest guide I have ever seen with anything prescribed by a doctor.


Gone were the days of loving to get sick so you could jig school. I hate being sick. Gotta spend money on crap like this and inhale powder that tastes like crap.

Smacked with the Swine Hammer?

Oh god. Suddenly sick on Saturday mornin with the flu. Now I might be acting a bit paranoid but I guess I have to be if I want to fly back. I already have only a week, I don’t want to be quarantinedfor 6 of those days. =[ and then there’s the worry of getting back into Australia. With the strict customs I might get quarantined again.

If somebody up there loves me, please ensure I don’t have Swine flu and that I recover before the flight…

Modern Warfare 2: Best First-Person Shooter (GT)

Gametrailers nominates Left 4 Dead 2, Halo 3: ODST, MAG, Modern Warfare 2, and Singularity for this Best of E3 2009 award (Best First-Person Shooter). After watching the E3 trailers of each of these other games, I cannot say I’m not excited about some of them – Namely Singularity that looks to be something fresh for the FPS scene. But who can doubt Modern Warfare 2 as the most awaited FPS for 2009?

Modern Warfare 2

Source: Gametrailers