Saturday X’mas BBQ and Why Gunbound skills are not transferable

Last Saturday, we had a great Christmas BBQ feast which turned out to be more of an Ultimate Frisbee Training session for the guys. As part of this festive season, we partook in a game of Kris Kringle. So each of us were to bring a present: budget set at $20, no mugs, no edible goods. We drew numbers and then took turns to either unwrap a new present or steal a present that had been previously unwrapped and held by another person. If a present was stolen, the previous owner would then get a choice of unwrapping a new one or stealing someone else’s. The sneakiness and backstabbing definitely gets you in the festive mood, doesn’t it?

All this aside, what I really want to talk about is the Frisbee-ing. Throughout our adolescent life, we grow up building our skills: We learn basic mathematics so we can calculate whether it is worth while to make a purchase; we learn to run and kick a ball to build up that stamina and speed to catch the bus we’re running late for; we learnt to make up great exciting alibis for our teachers when we forgot our homework to use that exact same skill on our bosses to take sickies. Almost every skill or knowledge we picked up through our life has been transferable to something we do today (with the exception of useless subjects like History).

So I was a pretty decent player of that oh-so-awesome online game, Gunbound and while playing Frisbee on Saturday, I realized how similar this throwing-of-a-plastic-plate was to Gunbound. If any of you don’t know what Gunbound is or may have forgotten, it was a simple game where you’d use your character and fire projectiles at your opponents – Like Worms (see image to the right)

In this image, we have the cute little Boomer that threw boomerangs that were significantly affected by the wind. This made it possible for trick-shots at weird angles like doing back-shots (firing it in the opposite direction but being blown backwards to your opponent).

With this in mind, I adjusted my angles and power to based on the wind speed, and attempted “skill-shots” with the Frisbee. Needless to say, I failed pretty hard. Once, I even threw the Frisbee over a barb-wired fence into some dodgy area with snakes and crocodiles. This was when I used my transferable skipping-school fence vaulting skills to re-obtain our flying discus.

When I finally convinced myself that my golden hammer from Gunbound wasn’t going to help me out here, I started from scratch and eventually got the hang of it. Now, let’s see where these Frisbee skills will be transferable.

Photos of the X’mas BBQ, Kris Kringle, some Frisbee action and Gizmo’s new friend, Mosby below. Thanks for taking the photos, Sonia :)

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