How 2011 burnt a hole in my wallet

So looking back at 2011, I realized that this is definitely the year I have spent the most. This could be because it’s my first year of official employment; I’m getting bored of Australia or maybe I just found some great bargains I couldn’t turn down. While I’m hoping it’s the latter, the reason doesn’t matter – The damage has been done and I can only try my best to save my bank account from the evils of marketing and social influence (poisoning¬†as we put it).

  1. 42-inch LCD TV ($600)
  2. Playstation 3 console ($400)
  3. Five PS3 games ($400)
  4. Monster Beats Solo HD ($200)
  5. Stanton ST150 + Serato SL1 + Stanton SA-3 ($1000)
  6. Macbook Air 15″ ($1,400)
  7. HPI Nitro RS4 RC Car ($420)
  8. Holidays ($4000)
  9. Four suits ($1,250)
  10. Three pairs of shoes ($350)
  11. Gifts/Presents ($550+$250)

Total: $10,820 AUD

Hey! That’s not so bad. In fact, I think I did pretty good. However, since these are just the large-ish purchases from the top of my head and a deep hole still burns in my wallet right now this brings the question: What the fuck have I been spending on?!

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