Honey, I’m home

Why hello.

So my blog got attacked the last time and I accidentally deleted all the files without a backup (hence images won’t be showing up in archived posts now). Thankfully, the posts were still restorable as they were still on the database.

I put off rebuilding the site for a while because blogging was getting a bit drawl for me. It seemed that I had become one of those ‘bloggers’. I was blogging and hoping to gain the attention; to increase my visitor rate and to seek a bombardment of comments. Those Malaysian instincts must have kicked in and evolved my initial goals (of using this as my dear diary) into what it became – A monkey performing for an imaginary audience.

I want to use this website as a hub for discussions of issues marinated in my ideas and opinions. Something that I can come back to in the future to relate to or even reiterate.

Here’s to a new blogging life. A blog where I hope my motives stay on track this time. Need I mentioned this is the third or fourth reboot of my blog? :)

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