Super Busy

Oh man, I totally forgot about my Newsly Fridays last week! I have been really busy doing things like cleaning up the house and packing stuff for my move in March. It’s not me deciding to do these things, it’s more like my wallet disallowing me to do much else :( . Industrial training at CCA has been hectic too – I have gotten pretty deep into the projects so there really has been a fair amount of work everyday.

Jhin Seong (apparently, world re-knowned foosballer) came over on Friday night to keep me company (because the cobwebs in my wallet reminded me not to go out). We played some computer games and drank some beer (Jhin hit his limit of 1 so we had to stop soon) pretty much like our childhood GIS days.

So yeah, nothing really has been particularly interesting in my life. However,  there are two things I really want to post about.

  1. America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5
  2. Car Loving (deciding what car to aim for)

Will definitely try to do write-ups asap.

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