Australia Day

So what did I do on Australia Day (26th January)? After a long and intoxicating night of Karaoke at Mamba down on Sussex St., I woke up at about 4pm because of Serena panicking at the sound of someone knocking on my balcony sliding doors.

It was my brother equipped with a broom sweeping up the balcony and accidentally hitting the doors. It was less of a oops-sorry-to-wake-you kind of whack and seemed a lot more like a wake-up-and-help-me-you-lazy-prick kind.

I got up and grabbed a bucket – Me and my brother cleaned up the balcony for about 2 hours. I then was called to help a friend move stuff to his new house which (seeing as I am such a nice guy) me and Serena gladly obliged to. This took about an hour.

Did I mention it was actually our 1 month anniversary today? Hah, well, tired as hell we headed over to Bondi Junction for a Japanese dinner I had planned. Parking inside Westfield meant we had to walk a bit to get to the restaurant… Which was closed when we got there. F-M-L.

We finally ate at another Japanese restaurant nearby and had a feast.

As bad a day as it seemed, I got to spend the whole day with my girlfriend, which ultimately was what I wanted to do for our anniversary (even though we didn’t get to do anything that much special).

Happy Anniversary, dear :)

…Sorry, no photos – I am getting less cam-whore-y these days…

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