Newsly Friday 22/01/10

Here I will begin this new feature of mine. I have always wanted to post stuff I find on the news but I felt like it was just basically posting up unoriginal material.

This weekly feature (Friday, ofcourse) will feature some news articles I found that are worth posting up here. Sometimes I guess these be more biased towards my interests (technology, media, etc.) but I hope these will prove as interesting reads!

Man Buried in Haiti Rubble Uses iPhone to Treat Wounds, Survive
January 20, 2010. Source: Wired

So basically, an American Film-maker survived after being trapped in Haiti for 65 hours due to apps on his iPhone. This is huge! The iPhone has just proven it isn’t just something that keeps you pre-occupied on the toilet seat – It saves lives too.

iPhone users rejoice. Just wait for iDefibrillator to come out then we can really save lives.

Stig ‘spotted’ on Google site
January 19, 2010. Source: The Sun

Stig’s signature pose = Folded arms?

Just one of those LOL moments of mine when I read and saw this. I assume the Stig was part of some kind of Top Gear shooting because of the pose. Whether this is the real Stig or not, it’s still hilarious to see and being a fan of Top Gear might be the reason.

Fun-loving clubbers get ready to play at first Australian video game bar
January 20, 2010. Source:

Clubbing for Gaming Addicts?

Yes, that’s right. Brisbane will see Australia’s first video game bar. Apparently it has been a success overseas yet I just can’t imagine how this works. I hardly ever attempt to mix alcohol with gaming especially gaming that involves peripherals (as suggested by the article, Guitar Hero and Wii Games are the types of games they look to implement) because of the very high chance someone flings their WiiMote at the TV or drops the peripheral.

Alcohol slows your body’s central nervous system down and this is definitely going to cause accidents.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a good weekend, all.

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