MissyCheerio is not so Cheerio

Why so grumpy, Cheellie? (Chee + Ellie = Chilli GET IT?) *Attempt 1*. Have I ever talked about one of my favourite-est person in Malaysia? I Missy (GET IT!?) *Attempt  2* her so much. You know what else I miss from Malaysia? Elly-chees ofcourse! (GOLD!) *Attempt  3*. Anyway, for some reason she has been moody recently, or so I have seen on her Tweets. I really hope this short little post will Cheerio (HAR HAR) *Attempt 4* her up. So stop being so moody and just Cheeeel (LOL) *Attempt 5*, please!

So there you have it – 5 attempts to cheer up my good ol’ buddy.

I will update this post soon with my very own rendition of Missy Cheerio.



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