Top 5 Coca-Cola Ads

As the 18th of January draws closer, my holiday ends – But with that, my next (and final) Industrial Training placement at Coca-Cola begins. So what is this post about? Nothing really, but I always loved the ads for Coca-Cola. Here are my top 5 Coca-Cola advertisements.

If you are into advertising, Coke has a $1.6 billion annual advertising budget – They care a lot about how they advertise their products so Coca-Cola is one of the best examples of great advertising.

5. Coke Superbowl 2008 Ad

I love this just because Stewie’s in it. Haha. But it’s still a good memorable commercial

4. Beautiful Coke Ad (Unknown Title)

It’s not often I love 3D animated commercials but this one is a beauty.

3. For Everyone (Malaysian version)

I always remembered this ad in Malaysia and I really like how it is both clever and patriotic at the same time. The original advertisement can be found here (I think).

2. Jerk it Out (Brrr!)

This was one of the best ads I’d seen in the movie trailers segment – Kept me going for ages. The ‘Brrr!’ phrase didn’t REALLY catch on but the ad definitely is one of my favourites.

1. Coca-Cola Formula

Cheekiest ad ever and I love it.

Boy, am I thirsty…

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