Malaysians that go abroad

Have you ever had one of those friends that went overseas and within a year came back with more than just souvenirs? I’m talking about those fake-accents. This is something I really dislike and can’t stand for. How does one become so immersed in their overseas home so much that they start to become a native?

I am 200% sure that I am not the only one who really can’t stand this… So what fuels this hate?

  1. You’re Malaysian. Speak like one!
    As patriotic as this may sound, it’s probably the number one reason. You’ve spent most of your life in Malaysia and  you should never forget your roots. We’re proud to be Malaysian and our accent is one of the things that makes us unique – which brings us to our second point. I have friends from Australia who returned from a exchange in America with not a sign of American on them yet Malaysians who can grab an accent within a months stay overseas.
  2. Are you ashamed of your accent?
    I’ll admit, Malaysian slang butchers the English language very harshly – But so what? Again, it is something we should be proud of and it’s not like we can’t control our slang. It’s not something to be ashamed of and by choosing another way of speaking (i.e. American, Aussie, etc.) you are just telling us how much superior you think those countries are. Why would you even do it? Is your personality not good enough for you to fit in with a group that you must attempt to sound like them? Yowch :P
  3. You just sound weird
    Being there for such a short period of time, there is no way your accent will even sound at all believable. This is where my argument takes the cake. It’s just funny how all these crappy imitators think they are speaking plopah ingleesh.
  4. Ignorance is not bliss
    The worst part is when you deny you have an accent when it’s so obvious (and fake). That’s when it annoys us all the most.
  5. You think they understand you easier overseas?
    I am sure they understand you fine – Many people have said that Malaysians that speak without “Lah”s and all that slang sound American. Since America is the influence of almost the entire world due to their media, nobody should have a problem understanding your English. Besides, having to learn how to speak like others doesn’t mean you have to forget your roots.

I understand yes, there is a level of reasoning behind learning the accent of the country you go to – But around Malaysians, just stick to the Malaysian accent. It’s trully a lot more than just an accent.

This post is random and not intended towards anyone. If you are feel this post is directed at you, then I am glad that I have raised awareness of this issue.

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