Welcome Home, Gizmo!

Waking up at 8AM is bad. But had to go pick up Sonia from the airport yesterday so I guess it was only necessary. After this we journeyed north to pick up Gizmo. Now, if you don’t know who Gizmo is then you’ll find out soon (or you can click here).

IMG_0274After an hours drive, we finally arrived at the “Triple Crown Pet Resort” – How classy does that sound?

IMG_0276Lots of space for the dogs to run and play. I’m sure Gizmo had fun.

Gizmo is one fat ass now. And his fur has grown back so he looks pretty poodle-y now too. Still love him to bits though.

Look at how his fringe covers his eyes… Gizmo is an emo dog into alternative and indy music.

IMG_0295On the way back we spotted a warehouse selling fruits and vegetables named Mango One. Out this far from the city, the prices were so low I just couldn’t resist.

IMG_0301I bought myself 3 mangoes and… A LOT of cherries.

IMG_0307Yup, the two boxes filled this salad bowl up. Sorry about the blurness, I didn’t realize how blur it was. Lack of lighting when I took this photo.

IMG_0300The moment we got home, Gizmo had his bath. Note the intensity in his eyes as he sits for his treat.

Welcome home, Gizmo!

Mmm.. Time for some cherries…

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