Merry Christmas!

Hello all,

Christmas is often a misunderstood holiday – A day that people countdown to not due to their eagerness but instead the remaining days left to shop for Christmas presents. But what about Christmas spirit? What ever happened to that?

From my previous post, it was clear that my Christmas was going to be a sad one. There is however, something about Christmas that I felt – A slight surge of happiness that ran through myself as I walked through Sydney City on Christmas Eve. Let me paint a picture: As I walked across the busy streets watching the cars rushing home before midnight, I heard the ringing of bells and the carolers singing; I looked up to notice the massive decorated church that shone brightly in the night. You just can’t ignore Christmas in the streets of Sydney on its Eve. Even though this stroll was followed by alcohol and music, this brief moment just did it for me.

If you got to do any of the below, I am already very jealous because they are 3 things I wish to keep tradition for all my Christmases.

  1. To eat roast for Christmas Dinner
  2. To set up and/or decorate the Christmas tree
  3. To watch an episode of the Chipmunks

I hope everyone else had their special Christmas moment and didn’t just go out partying! Just want to wish everyone a

(belated) Merry Christmas

Armed with my disappointing 2 megapixel iPhone I was able to take some photos of the amazing deco in Sydney city. Being the crappy camera it was, however, these photos really didn’t turn out well.

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