The Day the Earth Stood Still

For those who have been tagged, it wasn’t for marketing purposes. It was cause of a tiny little shoutout for you at the bottom of the post. Sorry if it was spam!

(The Day the Earth Stood Still a.k.a James’ Last Day in Malaysia). Day is defined as counting up 24 hours till my flight (10.40 PM on Sunday, 20th December)

On Saturday night I headed over to Pan Bakery to say my good byes to The Keeper, Ellie, Kwong Heng, Joe, Khye, Kenny Tan, and Kenny Wong. It was a very unplanned thing but meant a lot to me. Thanks for coming you guys – Goodbyes whether in hugs, handshakes or just words are always important to me.

However, this yumcha session was pretty much killed by Ellie‘s suggestion to play Basketball early the next morning leading the pack to all go home for a good night’s rest. I would also like to add that I never got a goodbye hug, handshake or wish from Ellie in person (don’t worry she makes up for it later in the story).

Ellie taking a photo of Kenny Tan and Joe

Khye being mysterious and sexy

Please focus your attention to Joe. HAHA.

A purposely over-photoshoped photo of The Keeper.

It was good that I had plans at Bangsar after with the Sydney kaki as it was Maku’s blow-cake session for his birthday. I went over to Bangsar Shopping Complex at WIP to meet with Marcus, Chew, Kenneth, Daryl, Krystle (and her Ozzie-accented cousin), E Guy and Afiq. Due to the alcohol overload from the night before, I was seen sipping my ice water in the corner. It was your normal cake-blowing session but getting to see all of the Sydney Kaki and the people I have met this trip just had to be done.

IMG_0229Daryl and my not-so-artistic shot playing with the new camera (which I have dubbed Ixy).

IMG_0236My new girlfriend (Ixy)’s twin sister. Oh and Krystle in the background.

IMG_0255A lot more delicious than it looks.

IMG_0227“My lips like sugar…” Chew

IMG_0171 IMG_0235
IMG_0233 IMG_0232
IMG_0231 IMG_0240
Look at Marcus‘ smile. Such a happy little boy. Happy Birthday, bro! Hope you’re glad I could be back for it. Please enjoy my Breathalyzer birthday present!

The next day I went for another Yumcha session in the afternoon with Nee Kee, Kwong Heng, Euvern and Joe. Again, you guys are awesome for coming and keeping with my traditional send off. It was good to recap the holiday with you guys and talk about all the random crap we usually talk about. Thanks for sticking by my side all this time!

After that, a homecooked meal with the family (which I forgot to take a photo of) and a rush to the airport.

Ellie was my SMS-mate during the last few hours of emo-ness before I boarded the plane. Thank you so much, dear.

This is officially the last thing I ate in Malaysia: A Sardine Roll and Ice Lemon Tea.

Once again, I bid farewell to my friends and family.

Shoutouts go out to all the awesome friends:

  • Aileen “Soft-Nose” Lim
  • Alvin “The Keeper” Lam
  • Andrew “Drunkard” Tan
  • Angel “Damn-fierce-wan” Chen
  • Chin “Tie-Losing” LY
  • Daryl “Ehhhhhhh” Soh
  • Ellie “Really-MissyCheerio” Chee
  • Eugene “Pokerface” Quah
  • Euvern “I-can’t-get-it-up” Koay
  • Hanis “Kambing” O’Hara
  • Jaclyn “Tiny Girl” Choo
  • Joe “Sexy Kantam” Ong
  • Jon “Orange” D’Cruz
  • Juliana “Tai Ka Che” Loh
  • Kenny “Kewo” Wong
  • Kah Kiat “Sneakers” Chan
  • Kawing “Turban” Li
  • Kay “Mahjong-God” Chong
  • “Kenettttt” Chen
  • Kenny “K Z E R ΓΈ” Tan
  • Kenny “Working-Man” Hew
  • Kevin “Emo-Sober-but-Happy-Drunk” Chan
  • Kwong Heng “Way too many nicknames” Tang
  • Marcus “Taikoh” Moi
  • Melanie “Whateveeerrrrr” Loh
  • Racheal “Still-damn-fierce” Tan
  • See “Rainbow” Nee Kee
  • SK “Korean” Siew
  • Thee “Sunglasses” Khye
  • Tracy “:)” Tan
  • “Uncle” Wai Hing
  • Vinson “Skinnies” Tam
  • Wai “Never Change” King
  • William “Never-Age” Loh
  • Yen Yen “Not-so-innocent” Goh

Also, shoutouts to the people I met this trip that I can’t yet give nicknames to:

  • Afiq
  • April
  • Chelsea
  • E Guy (Good luck in your future ‘ventures’)
  • Eddie/Eddy
  • Isabel
  • Krystle (You have the hottest camera ever)
  • Mabel
  • Yinyi

See you soon. Trust me… Real soon. :)

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