Happy Birthday, Dad

Last Friday was Dad’s birthday. As boring a post as this is, I think it will still serve as a good Dear Diary post to remember what we did on this special day of 2009.

We first had our lunch at a buffet place in Hilton Sentral. I really don’t remember the name of the place but you should be able to recognize it from the photos.

IMG_0205My Mum and the Birthday boy

IMG_0184Well this was it. Interior I would definitely have to say the interior design did well. But in terms of buffet variety there really wasn’t much.

IMG_0181Pretty light.. Oooooo…

Since it was a buffet and I was pretty bored, I have photos of each course I took. I could have easily surpassed the 5 courses I went for but my body doesn’t seem to consume much during the daytime.

Course 1: Always start with the raw stuff. The Sushi pretty random, but the plate looked a bit bare without it.

IMG_0171Course 2: The salads. That’s basically all they had to make your own (western) salad: Carrots, Tomatoes and Lettuce.

IMG_0173Course 3: The main course. This was all the Western food available. I didn’t feel like eating Malaysian food because I could get much more authentic Malaysian food at any hawker shop.

Course 4: The oysters return.

Course 5: The dessert. You have no idea how pissed I was because they did not serve jelly.

Our dinner though, made up for Hilton’s lack of variety. Relatives came over to my house and we had a feast of what I can definitely label as the authentic Malaysian cuisine.

IMG_0210I will end this post with a photo of my Dad when he came home on the eve of his Birthday (past his curfew!) to receive the present from the family.


I know my Dad probably will never stumble upon this blog but I if I could say something to him through here for his birthday it would probably sound something like this:

As kids we would label all of you people as the grown ups or the parents. As I have grown up, I am pretty sure I was the problem child in the family and I have probably put you through a lot of crap. Because of this I, too, would always resent you for the punishments you gave me – but obviously like every other child out there, we grow up someday and realize how thankful we should be for the things you have done that have moulded us into what we are today. I hope you had a great birthday this year! I am glad I could extend my flight to be there for it.

You know when people say “they do it because they love you”? Well, they really do.

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