One Night in Genting

Just got back from Genting and decided to do a quick update. Pretty much a guys night out with Joe, Kwong Heng, Wai Hing, Choon Yeah and Kenny Tan. Since it rained just before we drove up, it was very (very) misty. Visibility conditions were extremely poor and we could hardly see a thing outside.

IMG_0117This was what we could see. Apologies for the blurness, it was a bumpy ride.

After that frightening ride up, Starbucks was packed so we headed for the arcades while Joe and Wai Hing went to gamble in the Casino. It must also be mentioned that we gave them pooled money to bet on the average of our combined birthdays on roulette – Failed! Thanks, Wai Hing.

At the arcades, the only thing really worth mentioning would be Kwong Heng‘s winnings. Little kids, look away for you will be scared.

IMG_0129Gangster protecting his chick (appropriately named Baby)

IMG_0128Me taking my undang (driving exam).

IMG_0133After that, we returned to Starbucks and got our seats. This was when we were told of Joe and Wai Hing‘s success stories and played Dai Dee.

IMG_0132Joe‘s post-winning face. Looks like some other kind of face though. Maybe the Spiderman face?

Although I lacked the photos (guys just don’t camwhore), it was a great night. Kenny imitating Rocky (in front of everyone); Choon Yeah shivering his butt off; Joe spending on us; Kwong Heng & his Baby; and Wai Hing…┬ájust being Wai Hing.

I will end this post with what will hopefully get you in the Christmas spirit, because it definitely got me. The decorations at Highlands Hotel:


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