Christmas in the Air

Thursday began with a trip down to Digital Mall with my old buddy Joe. The objective was to purchase a digital camera to replace my beloved DSLR (I miss you, Pentax) – Which I did. Below is a test shot taken by the lady setting up my new camera. I have fallen prey to the evil clutches of Canon.


Thanks for coming, Joe! In return I shall put up your cheeky ass photo.


At night we basically had a poker and drinks session. Was a very chilled out thing with Kwong Heng, Kenny Hew, Ellie, Alvin, Aileen, Jaclyn, Euvern, Fernie, and Tracy (and her other half + family!).

It was pretty fun. Socializing with people I didn’t know and catching up with people I already knew. I wish I had photos of the Foosball games we were having, but Uncle Euvern said the Foosball table was off limits.

IMG_0012Pretty neat shot by either Alvin or Ellie (everyone was playing with my camera)

IMG_0028Just another game of poker.

IMG_0031I brought Ellie‘s colouring book. Look at that smile!

IMG_0044The beautiful Jaclyn with a sore throat – Still smiling for the camera. Kich with his enthusiasm in the background.

IMG_0050Training the camwhoring with Aileen.

IMG_0036Tracy‘s poker face, apparently.

IMG_0021Christmas, anyone? :)

IMG_0023That’s Ellie playing with the new camera, by the way. YES, ITS RED.

IMG_0043Obviously by the end of the night, The Keeper was gone (due to sleep deprivation)

Just want to make one last shout out to Ellie. Sorry about FFKing you in the afternoon! The camera shopping took a bit longer than I expected.

Here’s to you:

IMG_0017Ellie‘s flower. Looks pretty damn good!

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