10 Nit-Picked Reasons to not get an iPhone


I am one of those rare individuals who got the iPhone in spite of not really wanting one. I wanted a new phone because I’d finished my contract under an Optus plan that gave me a phone and was still paying under the plan. Now, seeing as I have no reason to leave Australia for 24 months, I just had to make use of these contracts/plans – So I started a new one with Optus… Looking at the phones out, I had to decide between an iPhone 3G and a HTC Dream. Now, as much as I support Google and their venture into mobile software technology, this phone and the OS has been getting some not-so-decent reviews while the iPhone 3G has its fanbase for its reasons. So although I wasn’t very much into the iPhone 3G, I couldn’t think of any reasons not to get it apart from the fact that everyone had one. I could have waited for another phone to pop out, but the Asian side (score one for the stereotypes) took over so I didn’t want to waste money on a plan I wasn’t getting a phone for. Hehe.

Despite not really being into it, the iPhone was a toy that couldn’t just sit on my desk.. Immediately after getting it, I jailbreaked it and before I knew it I was addicted to downloading paid applications (for free ofcourse, score another one for the stereotypes). I definitely agree the iPhone has plenty of entertainment value, however, I do feel there are reasons not to get an iPhone – These, I have named nit-picked as they may not seem to be significant enough to justify owning one or not.

If I refer to my ‘Nokia’, I am referring to the previous N81 I had. Solid phone, but it got laggy (probably cause I archived all my text messages… I have about 13,000 text messages in it now.

Anyway, these aren’t sorted in any order. You can’t really rate the severity of the problems I’ve posted.

1. No forwarding of SMSes

That’s right. This has got to be the biggest pain among these issues. You just can’t forward any text messages at all. I think the reason why this wasn’t implemented is because it would be difficult. Since you can’t even select individual messages (due to the fact that they’re grouped by conversations), you don’t get to select any options for each message. Sucks doesn’t it? Although you might think it’s a small issue since you have that feature on your phone and don’t really use it… When the need arises, and you realize you have to re-type a 1~2 page message to send out to your colleagues, feel free to throw your iPhone out the window (rumours told of the iPhone being unscratchable back when it was in its development phase).

iphone_3g_defender2. Looks like shit… With casing.

The iPhone looks GREAT. But because of it’s glossed backing, it also attracts finger-prints like hell. So, to fix this up you usually buy a casing… And so far, all the casings I have seen, makes the iPhone look like a rubber/plastic brick. The rubber ones make it look like a portable hard disk and the plastic ones just make it look cheap or like a knock-off you’d find in China town (stereotypes on a role).

3. Silent mode isn’t very silent

Flick the silent mode switch on the side of your iPhone to reassure yourself of not being the centre of attention in class when your phone starts making sounds. But this isn’t always the case – Open an application that doesn’t recognize this switch and if you’re like me and set your volume to the max.. Well, be prepared to look innocently around with a convincing ‘who the hell didn’t silent their phone?’ face.

4. Alarms do not have their own volume settings

So regarding issue no. 3, I usually set my phone on silent and also turn the volume down all the way. Forget to turn your volume back up and your alarm doesn’t go off. This is why I still use my Nokia as an alarm clock.

5. Lack of Multi-tasking function

Unless the application you’re using allows it, multi-tasking is not an option. It’s ridiculous when I want to use a calculator and type a text at the same time. Also, to actually terminate an application, you have to hold the Home button for say, 10 seconds? Some applications that allow background mode actually require you to do this to close it.

6. No Copy and Paste

Before the Apple fanboys start raging… Yes, I know the new firmware will have this. But, it’s not what’s getting distributed with iPhones yet so go awayyy. This feature just has to be installed. Please hurry up, Apple.

7. POSSIBLY Low Battery Life

Why I say it possibly has low battery life is because the iPhone has so much entertainment factor. You can sit and use it for hours and then when you’re done, realize you don’t have enough battery to last you till you get to a charger. So, although this is both a pro and a con, I say it is possible that they could have made the iPhone a bit more boring to ensure the battery lasts more than 1.5 hours when in use (yes I’ve killed a full battery iPhone in 1.5 hours with continual usage).

8. Ringtones are so bitchy

I guess this can be attributed to me being lazy to actually figure out how to convert songs into ringtones… But still, considering I’ve done so much to the phone and have no idea how to set a custom ringtone, really sucks. Why not let you use a song in your playlist as a ringtone? Is there some kind of law prohibiting the use of a pirated MP3 as a ringtone – yet it does not protect against just listening to them?

img_3321_apple-iphone-main_450x3609. No “Standby Mode” or “Front Page”

What I mean is, there is no actual… ‘Front page’ to the phone. Like in Nokias you get to see some shortcut keys, wireless settings and what I found the most important, things from your calendar. With my Nokia I could just look at my phone to take note of both my To-do list and also note there is an exam in 4 days. For the iPhone, you get to set a wallpaper that has a clock above it and a ‘Slide to unlock’ bar. There might be an application for this, but I do NOT believe it would have been that difficult to implement this.

10. Auto-Lock

I hate this feature. It’s obviously a necessity, but I feel it could have been implemented more efficiently. Maybe an external switch or button that lets you toggle it or one on the taskbar of the interface (that wastes lots of space just to make it look like the Mac OS). When you need an application to run for a while, this little shit climbs out to black out your screen and all internet connectivity. Applications like Cydia and Installous may be the most common ones that get fucked over by this and since they aren’t legit, I guess I can’t really use them in my argument. Also, as noted in previous posts, sleep mode needs to be turned off for PdaNet and iPhoneModem too. Whatever, I hate this shit. Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Never … Way tedious. And if you’re about to say I should leave it on Never, well… I’m human and like I said, it’s not that I hate the feature, it’s that I hate that there is no shortcut to toggle it.

Yes there are a ton of other more severe limitations of iPhone like Bluetooth, GPS, Camera, and non-replaceable battery. However, I don’t really need/use these features. This is a personal review and I only acknowledge nit-picked issues.

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