Wireless tethering of iPhone 3G to your Laptop

After spending hours on the Internet searching for the best method, I’ve come up with two of the best methods with their pros and cons.

Before I lay these out, it’s important to note that you have to jailbreak your iPhone before trying any of these methods. Please visit QuickPwn for both the tools and the guide on jailbreaking. Also, just to be safe, ensure your iPhone is of firmware 2.x+.

To best judge these programs, I look towards their user-friendliness and ease of setup/configuration. This is probably the most important of all factors to any basic user. Considering I have only spent a couple of hours testing these methods, I think that is the sufficient amount of time that should be required to setup

Note: All instructions are also in terms of Windows Vista



This is sofar the best and only fully working solution that I have found. This is an evaluation copy so I might not have all the features offered.

Quick Guide:

  1. Install PdaNet via Cydia.
  2. Set up an ad-hoc wireless network
    Right-click your Network Connection icon in the taskbar and click Connect to a Network
    Set up a connection or network
    > Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network
    Network Name:
    <any SSID you would like to use>, Security type: Open
  3. Connect to this newly created network from your iPhone
    Settings > Wi-Fi Settings > Choose your newly created network
  4. Open PdaNet


  • Very easy to set-up
  • Pretty stable
  • Both wireless ad-hoc and USB modes are available


  • Several times when there was a connection failure it required me to both ‘Forget’ the network on my iPhone and delete the ad-hoc network off of my laptop’s saved wireless networks. This would be followed by starting over again. Seemed the only way to resolve the issues. These problems could, however, be attributed to weak wireless signals
  • Purchase a license ($29) or the software is limited to 14 day trial mode
  • I find the fact that traffic is recorded in bytes.

iPhone Modem


Quick Guide:

  1. Install iPhone Modem via Cydia.
  2. Install the iPhone Modem helper software for Windows
  3. Connect to the “iPhoneModem” network from your iPhone
    Settings > Wi-Fi Settings > iPhoneModem
  4. Open iPhone Modem software on iPhone

This method only worked for me a couple of times. I have no idea why it failed nor can I find anything online on what was wrong with it. Although there seem to be lesser steps involved, it just doesn’t work everytime.


  • Looks pretty nice
  • As mentioned before, I like the fact that traffic is recorded in megabytes. This software does so!


  • Worked only sometimes with my iPhone/Laptop set up. After running the Windows software and clicking “Connect”, it asks to run the iPhone software (after it is connected to the ad-hoc network) which I did.. This is followed by the Windows client getting disconnected. Big negative for me.
  • Does not have a USB mode

There are obviously other methods that I have not mentioned. There was the FAIL of Netshare – I followed every guide and tried everything to get this working but it just NEVER worked.

Also remember to remove automatic sleep mode for your iPhone when using tethered 3G. Just as proof. I’m on 3G posting this now!

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