DJ Hero or DJ Zero?


From the research I have done on DJ Hero, I was excited to hear it was coming out late (28th) October. The DJ Hero peripheral seems to feature 3 main activities – Scratching, cross-fading, and sampling. When I first learned about the simplicity of this (also how it centralizes around 3 buttons), my initial thoughts were “this just cannot be as good as Beatmania was” – but after seeing Screwattack’s DJ Hero “Out of the Box” and some previews on GT, I was hooked. One thing that seemed to get me was the music – it wasn’t the usual Eurotrash music you hear in Beatmania – there were mixes of modern songs including hits from Daft Punk and Benny Benassi (they are mainstream for a reason). The peripheral seemed both simple and corny but when I attempted to ‘air-DJ’ it (after learning how to play it from Out of the Box), it really did feel like a lot of fun.

It’s like when the Drums came out for Rock Band/Guitar Hero World Tour and people were saying how “it really feels like I am playing the drums” – this will be the opposite; I do not see it feeling anything like the real thing yet it looks like lots of fun.


So what now? Hunt for prices, ofcourse. – $179.95 AUD
– $149.00 AUD (Online price) & $179.95 AUD (in store)
– Still N/A. Currently only the Special Edition is available for pre-order

Very overpriced in my opinion. Especially since my Guitar Hero: World Tour (Game, Drums, Microphone and Guitar set) costed about $200.00 AUD.


Wait for prices to drop. It just isn’t worth it to spend so much on a game focusing on Music. Especially at the end of the year when game releases are occurring everyday. Besides, you still have to buy Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 if you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, right?.

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