Problems with Jeremy Clarkson?

Source: Jeremy Clarkson adds Polish to outraged ranks

So when the controversial host announced he had prepared his own spoof ad for the launch of the new Volkswagon Scirocco, the BBC prepared for the worst.

And the worst it got - scores of complaints from outraged viewers after Clarkson lauded the VW’s ability to go from “Berlin to Warsaw in one tank”.

More than 6.7 million viewers watched Clarkson’s “ad”, in which panicked Warsaw citizens fled the city, rushing to board buses and trains as sirens warned of the approaching Germans.

The reference to Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland that triggered World War II has sparked a storm of debate in the UK and Europe, with onlookers struggling to decide whether Clarkson’s ad was tasteless or just a bit of fun.

This is obviously not the first time Clarkson has been accused of going over the edge with his satirical comedy. Why are people so sensitive to all of this? I think that there are many people out there who have been deceived by their own ignorance. They have somehow convinced themselves that anyone on TV has to care about what everyone thinks. Top Gear has it’s viewers for it’s entertainment value. This entertainment value is also due to the comedy of the presenters. As much of an obnoxious brat Clarkson acts out to be, he is definitely hilarious to watch. A single comment disrespecting Poles and Clarkson gets slapped with all of this? The fact of the matter is, none of these comments were made in a serious manner and hence we can never really say what Clarkson’s true views are – and even if he was a Polland-hating Nazi from outer space planning world domination, who really cares? What we see on TV is for entertainment; it is hypocritical for Poles to get all sensitive over his comments. If he made a joke about anything else you will see the Pole fans having a giggle and probably backing Clarkson up against whoever he made those satire comments about. Being insensitive is when you make a joke that makes majority of your audience shake their heads – Should have a petition to remove TopGear airing in Polland if they are such pussies.

TV programmes are for entertainment, not for confidence-boosting.

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