Reviewing the 06/07 Flavour of James

So, two years back I had a blog entitled “On The Contrary”. It was where I wanted to post ‘meaningful’ things. The first post itself similarly claimed this idea.

This site was born on the 19th of November in 2006 at 3:46 AM in Malaysia.

“This blog was created to explain takes on various things in life. After trying hard to figure out the solutions to simple, yet rhetorical unanswered questions. Using only logic and opinion, the deduced discoveries are what I share.” – James

Interesting, eh? Not really? Well, since the content of this old blog has just resurfaced, I thought I would post it up again because it was actually pretty interesting. For fluidity, I have just re-posted them under their original post dates and will link to them below.

Be warned, most of the articles attempt (unsuccessfully) at a philosophical view at something. I hope that they will serve as entertainment or hopefully something even more.

The posts can be found under the Personal » On The Contrary. The posts are also individually listed below.

Yes, there is a link to an even older blog. It’s funny how I review myself. :)

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