Australia Official Xbox Magazine features MW2


Here’s some coverage of Modern Warfare 2. The article contains an interview with an Australian Infinity Ward team member, Michael Boon and interestingly enough, a section described as “Rumour Control”

Russian Winter

“Infinity Ward showed us a snowy village that hides a nuclear submarine base, found by following a pipeline through the forest. We spotted that the signs are Russian and combined with the Gulag stage in Special Ops mode, we can assume that a sizable portion of the game takes place in, er, Russia.”

Mounted Guns

“During a physics demo Infinity Ward was shuffling around mounted sentry guns on tripods. This will suggest there will be a sequence where you prepare for a enemy onslaught by covering off routes with sentry guns. This could form the basis of one of the flavours of Special Ops mode maps as well, with an assault on defensible positions.”

The Home Front

“During the physics demo one of the items blown to bits was the traditional mailbox you see outside suburban homes in the US. Does this mean for the first time, Infinity Ward will be taking the battle onto American soil? Given the international scope of the Modern Warfare series it’s not implausible, particularly now civilians have been thrown into the mix.”

Water Works

“One of the models that was demonstrated to us was a solder in diving kit. Can Infinity Ward make underwater combat that doesn’t suck? Or will it simply be a infiltration route into a defended base? Given Modern Warfare 2’s bond-esque stylings, we recon IW might give a under water dust-up a proper punt.”

Price of War

“Obviously one of the biggest unanswered questions at the end of the first game was whether Price survived after his valiant efforts at the end of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Clearly Soap has taken on Price’s role as Captain, but does that mean Price won’t make an appearance? IW is saying nothing.”

Source: MW2 Blog

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