I’m Such a Brat

Sitting on the bus on the way home from my first day at News Ltd. For those that don’t know, I’m under a UNSW scholarship that requires me to undergo 3 (rigorous) courses of Industrial Training at 3 different companies which include decent ones like Accenture, Amex, CBA, and Coca-Cola Ltd.

Last year I had my first industrial training at American Express. It was awfully boring because I was thrown into a department that was so technical in areas I had both not studied nor had an interest in (hence a knack to pick it up). I ended up sitting down at my desk most of the time just surfing the net of texting someone. Furthermore I never had a proper induction into the company except for a tour around the building.

Although I now have atleast a friend with me at News Ltd., I feel I can predict that this industrial training will be way worse. Everyone shot  us dirty looks like we were aliens, let alone acknowledging our physical presences. There was even this one time a guy dropped a pen and after repeatedly shouting “excuse me”,  we were both blatantly ignored as the guy walked a way. Amex had such a warm family feeling among employees and I was introduced to just about all the personnel on the floor I was to work at on my first day. Furthermore, News Ltd. is so technologically backwards I feel sorry for the IT department that is trying hard to fix things up now because risk has only just  been realized (thanks to the GEC). Induction today ended early (plus!) but then again, it was the stupidest reason for me to get up at 8.00 am. We sat through 5 hours of listening to either something we were previously briefed on, something filled with technical jargon and something that sounded like it should have been used for 8 year olds (“These icons [lady points at the KEY that explains exactly what each symbol means] basically represent how much the activity will affect the company. There are red, amber [it was actually yellow] and green icons. Each of these icons represent something different [really?]. Red means this activity is very important and will need a lot of attention. Amber means this activity is not so important and may not require as much attention. Green means the activity will not be so… [fuck it]“.

So… What’s the point of this rant?

Note to Self: Well, I have to say the realization of the working world has finally hit me. To be satisfied with your job, you would have to be very lucky. But then again, looking at the small nit-picked reasons for hating work, I think I am just one picky little shit and a bit of a brat to be complaining about small issues but then later realizing the pros that easily outweigh these small issues. It could also be said that the incentive of actually earning money plays a large role in job satisfaction and until I reach that level of employment, I can’t really say.



I guess this is all random nonsensical crap, but I haven’t posted for a while and this is what I’m thinking of right now and besides, it took a lot of effort to type this on the bus – not letting it go to waste :D .

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