Visit to the Doctors

So I went to the doctors today for an appropriately professional opinion on what I have. According to him I do not have sufficient evidence that I can even test for Swine flu. That’s right, you actually need to prove that you have had direct contact with someone who has been abroad or is from Victoria (yes, they specifically said Victoria! HAHA). I was about to demand a H1N1 test (or a swab as they keep calling it) when he explained to me what actually happens with this test. They swab you (take a sample of your saliva, I assume) and while they run tests in the lab, they quarantine your ass. That’s right, they isolate you from the world for about 3 days.¬†So the idea behind this is not to protect you, but to protect the world from you.

I guess they need evidence as it may be cumbersome. Yet, even if I haven’t been in contact with the aforementioned (abroad/Victorian) people – I still think that it’s easily arguable that anyone could have gotten Swine flu from say, a neighbouring passenger in the bus or a 7-Eleven shopkeeper whose taking a while to give you your change (still contact, no?).

Anyway I was diagnosed with having a seasonal influenza and my prescription was something that looks like a cheap E-Tag: The Relenza Rota-Disk Inch-Cap. Well, the name sounds really cool… It’s for inhaling powder from those little capsules you see in the photo below. Couldn’t they just have given me the powder and let me snort (don’t get ideas) or inhale it via a straw? Instead I have to pay $54.45 for this plastic thing that just automates the ¬†puncturing of holes in those little metalic capsule things…


Oh and this gadget comes with the longest guide I have ever seen with anything prescribed by a doctor.


Gone were the days of loving to get sick so you could jig school. I hate being sick. Gotta spend money on crap like this and inhale powder that tastes like crap.

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