Why do we feel the Christmasy butterflies?

Christmas is just around the corner, everyone! I’ve always been excited about Christmas: setting up the tree, shopping and wrapping the presents, and having the family feast. You know all those corny mentions in media about having that merry ol’ feeling during Christmas – I have it every year, whether there are presents or not.

But why? I’m not a Christian, let alone a hardcore one and I grew up surrounded by the Asian culture.So when Christmas comes, why do I feel that excitement and eagerness as if something special is going to happen on the 25th of December?

Memories. When I was a wee little baby in Australia, my Dad dressed up as Santa Clause over a couple of Christmas celebration and I have to say those memories are still with me today. Chinese-eyed black eyebrowed Santa rocking up to my house was cool – Apparently my brother even asked my Mum, ”Mummy, why does Santa Clause look Asian?”. This was only the beginning.

Media. When I think of Christmas, some things come to mind including Macaulay Culkin smacking aftershave on his cheeks in Home Alone, imagery of Mr. Bean with his head up a turkey and that episode where Alvin & The Chipmunks (the cartoon, ofcourse) play the Jinglebell Rock. These pieces of media always told us stories of Christmas miracles which were extremely inspiring.

Faith(lessness). I learnt a lot about the right things to do (ethics) and the beauty in simplicity (humility) throughout my childhood. Today, nobody can deny how disgracefully the world has evolved: Filthy rich people with dirty money doing illegal shit, spending it on alcohol and drugs; governments playing god, making decisions on how societies should live out their lives; people wasting time on their cellphones or computers to read and comment on their friends instead of actually spending time with them. I guess this sort of goes back to Media – back in the day, Christmas media always showed how the world would transform on Christmas and act saintlike. So every Christmas  gives me that glimmer of hope that I’ll be able to see a completely different world of happiness, humility, togetherness and generosity (yeah, I can be a hippy too).

Put these things together and you have a Christmas Addict looking for ways to make things feel more Christmas-y. Presents are only a fraction of the festival and deserve a lot less focus than they have today. If we put more focus on giving and less on the taking, the world would be a better place… For a day even, it would be well worth it.

Enjoy the photos of the beautiful displays at David Jones taken yesterday, below.

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